Thursday, September 5, 2013

Platform offers visual lesson plan ideas for teachers

With all of the resources the web has to offer, teachers can now go beyond the textbook when organizing their lessons plans, and tools such as Learnist have already made it easier for them to collect their online research. Now Linked2Teach aims to provide a way for educators to gain inspiration by seeing what’s going on in classrooms around the world through themed pinboards. Users logging in can immediately search for terms related to their field, student age range or the time of year. Learn2Teach then loads a panel of images uploaded by other teachers showing some of the projects they’ve worked on that match the search terms. When they find something that could provide inspiration for their own lessons, teachers can then add to their folders for reference or simply click the heart button to like it. Images with higher numbers of likes or saves are automatically moved to the top of search results. Educators can also add images of their own lesson ideas. Although still in the primitive stages, Learn2Teach could be the basis of a quick and easy tool for education professionals to glean what’s going on around the world and gain inspiration. Are there other ways to connect teachers in far flung corners of the globe?

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